Connecting technicians with employers

Mange your CV, Resumé, specific training, experience and gain access to the latest job opportunities that the wind industry has to offer. This really is your WindOW™ into the world of wind.

Build your CV

Use the WindOW™ CV builder for your CV or resumé. You can record your training successes with certificate details, images and dates. WindOW™ will automatically notify you when your training is approaching expiry, enabling you to plan your training before it runs out.

Record your CPD

Keep an ongoing record of your Continuous Professional Development. Record the training you have completed, events you have attended and work you have undertaken. You can add text and photographs to each item making your CPD a complete log of your development successes.

Connect with Employers

WindOW™ includes a job portal that allows employers to post vacancies for projects they have coming up. You can indicate your interest and apply for the job at the click of a button.

Export your Profile

WindOW™ makes it really easy not only to manage, but also to export your profile. No need to hunt for certificates or your log book: get a copy of your profile at the click of a button, so you can include it easily with every job application.

Global Wind Organisation (GWO) training

Want to join the wind industry or keep your skills and training up to date? Ask Safer at Work how we can help!

Need your own tools, equipment and materials?

Our desire is not just to keep you working, but also to ensure that you have the right gear to do it with. Safer at Work can deliver the most up to date tools, equipment and materials that the industry has to offer.